I do a variety of different flavours of chocolate and dessert cakes, if you don't see what your looking for please get in touch and I will do my best to try and accommodate your request.
Ferro Rocha cake, Terry's chocolate orange cake, Oreo chocolate cake, Bounty chocolate cake, After eight chocolate cake, Salted caramel cake, chocolate fudge cake, Maltese's cake, Kinder chocolate cake, red velvet cake, Thornton chocolate cake, Reece's chocolate cake

Vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream and summer fruits, carrot cake, coffee and walnut cake, Victoria sponge cake, Lemon flavoured sponge cake.

Prices vary on size and decoration required. Please get in touch for a quote.
Coffe and chocolate ganache drip cake
Ferro Rocha drip cake and cupcakes
Floral drip cake 18th pink drip cake Ferro Rocha cake
Baby's 1st drip cake 21st pink drip cake
21st drip cake hen party drip cake Pink drip cake
children's drip cake Ferro Rocha drip cake chocolate drip cake
chocolate drip cake with pink star Oreo drip cake
Galaxy drip cake Lemon drip cake
late and strawberry drip cake Chocolate and fruit drip cake 30th drip cake

chocolate star drip cake 80th drip cake

chocolate orange drip cake